I am writing with regards to yesterday - the day of the Full Moon.  One of my favourite days - mystical and magical - always something bound to happen!  Always try to keep myself away from dangerous things or situations on a Full Moon - don't really know why but I have always have...  The day started with a black cat running across my path - "bad luck that" Mum said - here we go I thought, that is a good start to the day.  Is a black cat running across your path bad luck - or is it good luck when it is the day of a Full Moon?  I think it is good luck - and I do always like to look on the bright side.

As usual at The Olive Grove there is soooooooooo much to do - sometimes I just do not know where to begin - usually back at the beginning again... weeds still conitnue to pop up from nowhere.  Different flowers are blooming every day - the gorse has started to flower now - beautiful yellow, the "carrot tree" (not a real carrot tree - sorry I forgot - carrots don't grow on trees!) has fantastic orange flowers, the Judas Tree (that is its' real name) is covered in pink blossom and the Wisteria has huge hanging mauve flowers - the garden is really amazing at this time of year - I get so excited thinking what is going to come up next.  I am really pleased with the mixed anenomes I put in in the winter - they have all done really well - and given amazing splashes of colour throughout the flower beds.  Oh, and I must not forget my tulips - 6 beautiful red ones have opened - I planted over 50 last year so these have not been so successful!

And, there are so many more to come.  Next week is Easter so the "Pascalitsas" or Easter flowers will open - very strange these are - it does not matter when Easter is - they always open during Easter Week.  Later the cineraria will flower followed by all the lilies of which I have too many kinds to mention.  There are still the sunflowers to come (they were planted on the day of the Full Moon - so expect them to grow gigantic this year) - should be over 50 and they always look so nice is a vase in the summer oh, and there are also the dahlias to come too - so exciting for me - it never ceases to amaze me how plants grow - completely die in the winter and then a dry twig will suddenly spring into life.  Of course, it is all the talking I do to my plants that make them so healthy - brings a new meaning to "Are you alright Petal?"

I was just thinking about how the smell in the evening in the garden is incredible - the scents of the iris, sweet scented stock, fresias - mixed with the scents of the rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram and mint  - a dream - when, all of a sudden,  the mother-to-be cat started making funny noises - I made her up a nice comfy bed away from everyone on top of the central heating fuel tank (which is no longer used) and left her to settle down.  Less than a hour later - what do you know - 3 little kittens - and one of them was black - born of the day of a Full Moon - so bound to be good luck!



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